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The Old House



The Old House was built in 1612 for James Disbrowe. The Disbrowe family owned the rectory at that time. James Disbrowe’s son John married Oliver Cromwell’s sister Jane in Eltisley church on 23rd June 1636.

Just south of the Church there is an area of ponds and ditches which are the remains of garden features associated with the Old House.

In 1930 The Old House was owned by a Miss Ida Marr and her sister Mrs Dolly Brown. The ladies used to run a tea room here for about 30 years. People in the village today can recall as children seeing hams smoking up the chimney.

Miss Marr had been a governess to Princess Ileana, the youngest daughter of Queen Marie of Romania and travelled all over the world with the Royal Party. As can be seen from the Tea Rooms Visitor Book, many of her friends came to visit her when in England including Queen Marie, the King of Yugoslavia and Archdukes and Princesses.

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