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The Old Post House


This picture shows the part of the Old Post House in 1915 when it still had (the soon to be condemned) Polly Wragg Row Cottages between it and the Pub.

The property was the village post office for 100 years (opening in 1855).

It was built late in 15th or early in the 16th Century and is thought to have been originally a hall house but with many later additions.

...and now

The little part on the right used to be a cobblers shop.

Up until 1855 the post was delivered from St Neots to Croxton and an old lady used to walk from Croxton to the village delivering the letters. They used to pay her a penny a letter.

There was just one snag though, the old lady, she couldn’t read or write, so she just used to go along and put the letters through people’s doors; they had to sort them out themselves.

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