A Mystery

A few weeks ago we were told of a really interesting discovery in someone’s family papers. Robert Kyte was looking through some documents when he came across three postcards addressed to the Hayden family at ‘The Green, Eltisley’. Robert knew nothing of Eltisley and knows of no connection between his family and the Haydens so he looked on the internet and discovered this website. To his astonishment he realised that the Mr and Mrs Hayden to whom the postcards were addressed were the parents of two of Eltisley’s soldiers, George and Harry, who were killed in WWI.

Thanks to Robert’s great generosity these postcards are now in the Eltisley Archive. We are very grateful.

But the mystery still has to be solved.

Why are these three postcards, each from a different daughter of the Haydens, in the papers of a family with whom they appear to have no connection?

Poignantly, one of the daughters mentions a ‘surprise’ visit from her brother George (above) who was to die, missing in action, in March 1918